Harness the power of your mind to learn good habits and stop bad ones

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You won’t know what’s happening until it’s too late

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People with Narcissistic personality…

Do you feel like you’re a fraud? Do you feel that your skills are much lower than your peers?

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Seven psychological techniques to help you create longer-lasting memories

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Four Psychological approaches to help you on your learning journey

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According to Carl Jung’s Psychological Types theory

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A glance at how our brains function according to Carl Jung

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“Am I flammable? Are people afraid of my reactions?”

Racism, residential schools, misconceptions, and other afflictions

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It can help you become a much better writer in no time

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Neurolinguistic Programming is a Hoax and It’s About Time Someone Said It.


Ahmed Sherief

Student of Psychology. Engineer. I write to help people understand themselves, realize their potential, and live happier, stress-free lives.

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