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Student of Psychology. Engineer. I write to help people understand themselves, realize their potential, and live happier, stress-free lives.
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Hi, and welcome to my profile. In this post, I provide a bit of a background information about myself, my passions, and why I write. I also categorize my articles so you can find your preferred articles from the array of different subjects I write about.

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Personal Info

My name is Ahmed Sherief (it’s written AhmEd but pronounced AhmAd). I am 38 years old as of the date of writing this post. …

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“S”, a new friend of mine was in an abusive relationship for three years, and she didn’t even know what was happening to her.

Her boyfriend was not aggressive. He was not a drunk nor did he do drugs. He did not beat her. She felt safe with him, until her left for another.

When she came to me to talk about what happened I was shocked. What she told me about her relationship raised all the red flags of narcissistic abuse, but same as many others, she did not know what was happening to her.

People with Narcissistic personality…

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Negative thoughts about yourself can dominate your life if you let them go unchecked. Most of the time, we are unaware of the negative thoughts we have. Negative thoughts generate unconsciously, and they pass through our minds without being detected, therefore, they are called “Automatic Negative Thoughts”. But they don’t pass without damage; negative thoughts control how we feel about ourselves and can dominate how we carry ourselves and how we behave.

I have suffered from automatic negative thoughts for about 17 years. Recently, I managed to get over them with the help of a brilliant psychologist. In this article…

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People think of different things when they hear the expression “happy food.” For me, happy food is pizza, preferably with minced meat, onions, olives, green pepper, and extra cheese, just how my mother used to make it. For other people, happy food carries different significance and memories.

But for the sake of this article, happy food comes in a different context. I will talk to you about foods that facilitate the production of two immensely important chemicals in the brain that work to regulate your mood, focus, and sleep. These two wizards are dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters.

Why specifically Dopamine and Serotonin?

Well, Dopamine is…

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On the first of May 2021, I started studying for a BA degree in Psychology. I have been passionate about the human mind and behavior for 10 years already but never pursued official studies in the field. Losing my job earlier in the year was the spark that sent me back into university.

One of the mandatory courses for the degree was an English course called Introductory Composition. I learned so many valuable writing tips and techniques in that course, and it reshaped me as a writer and transformed my writing. …

They might be tiny, but their impact is huge

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In any functioning organization, some team members perform tasks related to production, creating tangible output, while other team members work in the background to make the job of those on the production line easier.

The nervous system is no different in that regard than a factory. Neurons are the production workers in the organization of the nervous system, they receive, transmit, and store information needed for the body to work properly.

Glia, little known to those who do not study neurology or psychology, are the cells that carry on the vital…

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Before talking about how to deal with toxic masculinity, I would like to introduce you to the concept of the Alpha Male, upon which, toxic masculinity thrives.

In 1970, Dr. David L. Mech coined the term alpha male in his book “The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species.” Since then, the term has been popularized and used to describe a set of human male behavioral traits that include aggressiveness, competitiveness, and dominance.

Dr. Mech described the alpha male behavior as a natural leader-selection mechanism that ensured those males with superior genes got a better chance at mating and…

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The retina is the part of your brain that resides inside your eyes. It consists of about 130 million light receptors. Those receptors line the back of the eye, and no human have the same distribution of receptors as another.

The uniqueness of the distribution of the receptors in the retina means that every human perceives the world in a slightly different way than any other human. We can all call the color red “Red”, but we see it a bit differently.

Differences in how we see objects and colors can be subtle or stark. Humans suffering from color blindness

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Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve what you have achieved? That you somehow cheated your way into your current job? Do you live with a constant fear of being ‘found out’ or exposed as incompetent and a fraud? If your answer is yes to any of these questions (I know mine is), then there is a good chance that you suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome represents a spectrum of feelings and thoughts that range from mild to severe. In its mild form, Imposter Syndrome manifests as irrational worries of being ‘not as good as everyone thinks you…

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When we talk about memory, it’s usually to complain about its failure. If we were able to successfully recall everything we needed to recall, we would never feel the need to talk about memory. After all, memorization is a subconscious process that takes place without our active attention, right?


While some of the processes of “making memories” happen inside the brain, where we cannot sense it or control it, we have great control over what we choose to remember. I will tell you how in a few moments.

Psychologists have been interested in studying human memory for decades; they…

Ahmed Sherief

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