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Student of Psychology. Engineer. I write to help people understand themselves, realize their potential, and live happier, stress-free lives.
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About Ahmed Sherief

I am an Engineer with a passion for psychology and technology. I have been a computer geek all my life. About 10 years ago, I found a new passion for psychology. This passion ignited from a desire to better understand myself and those around me. I started by reading about personality types from online sources, but after a few years, I realized there was much more into psychology than that. In March 2021, I started studying for a BA in psychology, and since then, I have learned a wealth of information about human behavior, brain structure, and how our minds work. I found about Medium in 2018 and I started writing about introversion and personality types. In 2021, after starting my BA in psychology, I started writing science-backed articles about psychology in general, and some 'How-to' guides derived from psychological research that I encounter during my studies.

Medium member since July 2021

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