Being an Introvert in a World Designed for Extroverts

Don’t let them change who you are

Ahmed Sherief
4 min readOct 22, 2018


We live in a world that accommodates and promotes extroversion. While introverted population are in average 48% of any community, the extroverts always seem to control the scene and sit behind the steering wheel.

Let it be in politics, in sports, in music or film industries, extroverts are the ones who shine and make the front pages of news-sites and dominate entertainment TV shows. This might be in part due to the fact that extroverts tend to have much more social relations than introverts, but it is also heavily influenced by the fact that businesses now are more about show than anything else.

Perks of Being an Introvert

Because introverts spend more time with themselves than extroverts do, reading an interesting novel or listening to the serene sound of rain drops on their roof-top with a mug of a hot chocolate clutched in both hands, they have more in-depth understanding of themselves and of the surrounding environments in which they live. It is a fact that an introvert NEVER stops thinking, just as an extrovert never stops talking or moving.

While you can depend on an extrovert to know where to go for a fun-filled adventure, or the best clubs to visit to spend a gaga night, you can depend on your introverted friend to read and summarize a book for you efficiently and passionately, or have a deep well-thought conversation about the latest sci-fi movies.

Common Misconceptions about Introverts

1- Introversion is a Disability

“What’s wrong with you?”. This must be the most common response introverts gets as teenagers when they announce they would prefer to go directly home after school to continue reading Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince, instead of heading out with the others to play foot ball or ride bicycles around the neighborhood.

Nothing is wrong with introverts. Introversion is hardwired into the introvert’s brain. It governs how we…



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