Being an Introvert in a World Designed for Extroverts

Don’t let them change who you are

Perks of Being an Introvert

Common Misconceptions about Introverts

1- Introversion is a Disability

“What’s wrong with you?”. This must be the most common response introverts gets as teenagers when they announce they would prefer to go directly home after school to continue reading Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince, instead of heading out with the others to play foot ball or ride bicycles around the neighborhood.

2- Introverts have no Friends

It may seem that way for someone who is not aware of the introverts’ deep connections and feelings. An introvert will never have tens of so called friends with whom he has shallow conversations about everyday news or whatever. Introverts do not engage in small talk. Period.

3- Introverts are a minority

A Word to the Introverts

Do not feel pressured to change who you are. You are a beautiful instrument of nature. While extroverts may shine and take the spotlight in numerous occasions, it is us, the introverts, who make the most effective contributions to human advancements. Almost all the greatest authors, scientists an entrepreneurs who ever lived are introverts. Albert Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, you name them.

A constantly developing person who seeks to inspire others on the road to self-actualization.

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